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About B-Brush

It’s a very busy world out there, and I, like many of you reading this, found that I was away from home for many hours of the day, and therefore unable to use my personal care items that sit on my bathroom shelf. One of these, being my toothbrush and toothpaste.

One hot summers evening after a long day at work, I met friends at the viaduct in Auckland city for dinner. After eating, I went to the bathroom to “touch up” and I wished frustratingly yet again, that I had my toothbrush with me.

Carrying a standard toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste out and about with me is not something that I enjoy doing, as the toothpaste tends to squeeze out the tube all over my handbag, the toothbrush head becomes rather unhygienic after a while, and the current disposable brushes just didn’t seem to function as well as my brush at home; In addition I just didn’t like the look of carrying a toothbrush with me! However, after a meal or a coffee, all I wanted to be able to do was conveniently and discreetly brush my teeth with no mess and no fuss…

Having fresh minty breath and knowing that my teeth are “sparkling” has always given me confidence to smile!

  • I wanted something that I could conveniently take with me wherever I went.
  • I wanted something that looked great, like my other personal care items do.
  • I wanted something that functioned well, a product I could rely on.
  • I wanted something that remained hygienic (after all this IS an item we put in our mouths!)

And so, after much contemplation, “B-Brush” was born. Where does the B come from, you may ask? The B stands for Bella, or Beau which means beautiful (for women) and handsome (for men) in Latin.

My goal is to help you feel confident about your smile wherever you go, and therefore feel like the beautiful, and handsome individuals I know you are, wherever you are at all times!

B-brush gives you confidence to smile like a celebrity when out and about, It gives you confidence to smile across the time zones when travelling, it gives you confidence to smile like the CEO in the boardroom, and It gives you confidence to smile when the only thing that you are wearing is your smile! I hope you enjoy using this wonderful product as much as I enjoyed inventing it!

- Kimberly: Inventor and inspired humanitarian.